Friday, 15 April 2011

Mourinho, Athletico Madrid, Real Madrid

Jose Mourinho 'refused to speak at a news conference' days before the big el classico game, this seems to me very Ferguson-esque. Anybody who follows the English game will know that Sir Alex refuses to speak to the media quite often, there was even a bookmaker making odds that he wont speak to the BBC. Im sure this is on purpose it is to make him feel confident and make sure Pep doesn't know what his preparations consist of. Maybe this was a good choice by Jose as it seems to work for sir Alex Ferguson, who by the does NOT deserve a knighthood. Real's assistant manager Aitor Karanka played down the incident "Every time the coach talks everything is blown out of proportion,". This could be true but then why let the assistant manager speak surely that would also be blown out of proportion!? Without trying to cause contreversey Mourihno has but I think this shows how confident he is with his squad at the moment, I would certainly bet on Real for this game. The reason I would is because of 1 major problem with Barcelona- They are tired out, Real are catching them and they are not scoring as many goals. This is one of the many problems with having the best players, they want to play week in week out but the managers dont seem to be aware of there tiredness. I think that Pep should have rested half of his squad for the recent game against bottom of the league Almeria. I know he doesnt want to lose points but he has a perfectly good bench with the likes of Milito, Busquets and Pedro.

Now De Gea his name has been popping up all over forums and in newspaper here in England and back in Spain, the latest rumours that he wont join Manchester united according to the metro newspaper in England 'There is nothing, it is all lies. I know nothing about offers from any team, whether it is other clubs or a renewal from Atletico,' he said. Although he does not clearly deny that he doesn't want to leave it does show he doesn't know whats going on behind the scenes as nowadays agents deal with these sorts of offers for the players. Manchester united have apparently put a £17.8million offer on the table to replace retiring Van Der Sar. I dont personally want him to leave as he is very entertaining to watch at Madrid and nobody likes Manchester united, so for the fans sake even from an Osasuna fans sake stay at Athletico! Buenas Suerte!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Almeria, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Levante

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This week we found out that Barcelona will play Real Madrid in the 'el classico' battle four times in the next few weeks, Pep will not enjoy this but I think Mourinho will be delighted at the chance to avenge the 5-0 drubbing. Some more bad news for Barcelona fans know with Mascherano suspended for the next el classico. 
In other news Almeria have appointed Roberto Olabe to replace Jose Luis Oltra after he was sacked for lack of results. Almeria are at rock bottom and I don't think they can pull anything out of the bag, although with a new man in charge who knows. Olabe who is a former goalkeeper who played for Real Sociedad was sporting director at Almeria so he should know the club inside out and have good connections with regards to management. Now for my weekly rant but this week its really a moan, Levante who sit in 9th place currently have a stadium with capacity of 25,000, yet they only get 7/8,000 through the gates. Does anyone know why and if so please comment, I know its overshadowed by its close rival Valencia.
Buenas suerte amigo's